When Faking It Isn’t Making It

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When Faking It Isn’t Making It

They say a clean and pleasant washroom is the test of a good restaurant and I do believe this.   So when I go out to eat, I’m always curious to check out the amenities.

How nice, I thought, to find fresh flowers by the sink here.

And as anyone might, I leant down to smell the roses.  No scent. Suspiciously I felt the petals – and still unsure, then the leaves. Fakes.

But wait… there’s water in the vase… They must be…. I felt the flowers again.  No, they’re fake all right.

I tried to imagine the thinking behind this prop.  “Let’s put flowers in the washroom. But real ones are too expensive.” [Fair enough, they are].   “Ok, let’s buy fake flowers.” “Hey if we put them in water…”

I bet if you put a videocam on the wall 90% of guests would do my reality check.

What impression does that leave?  You tried to trick us.   Wonder what other shortcuts this restaurant takes …

So from the city that invented the loo, click here http://londonist.com/2015/02/londons-best-restaurant-toilets to see some really classy joints instead!