What To Do When The Cursor Blinks The Blank Page Stares Back

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What To Do When The Cursor Blinks The Blank Page Stares Back

Everyone dreads the blinking cursor on a blank screen.

If you’ve ever been afflicted, here’s 3 things that could be happening:


The Reader-Breathing-Down-Your-Neck Syndrome

There’s nothing worse than feeling your audience judging what you’re write.

This happens to the best of us – and invariably strikes before you’ve even started. Or you begin writing, go back and edit – and before you know it, you’ve deleted it all again.

My advice: just write, don’t edit – and give the reader the cold shoulder.  Get thoughts or points and ideas down, even if you haven’t found the right opening sentence.

Once you’ve got something flowing, you can go back and edit later – much later if     necessary.


You’re Too Tired

Chugging coffee only gets you so far. Arianna Huffington advocates sleeping your way to the top [and she means actually sleeping, as explained in her YouTube].

More wisdom in the excellent book Tony Schwarz co-authored ‘The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working’, reminding us that we aren’t machines; we need to take breaks and be rested to be efficient and creative.  Examining the science of high performance, he quotes research that shows top people in any field intersperse intense bursts of work with rest and achieve the best results.

[But … if you really can’t avoid working late, HubspotBlogs has this great article about how to make your nights more productive.]


You’re Not Ready – Or You’re Out of Time

You need more time to research or write what you want to say.  Be patient, try reading about your topic to get inspired.

It’s time to delegate If you’re overwhelmed and have an impossible deadline – [and that’s a shameless plug from a professional writer].