Do You Still Need a Business Card?

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Do You Still Need a Business Card?

In an age where you can brain-meld contact info with a cellphone app, you’d think giving someone an old-school piece of thick paper has fallen completely out of favour.

It has – and it hasn’t.

This LA Times article [from back in 2012] observes that handing out business cards is viewed as ‘lame’ by tech-savvy under-30s. And no doubt that may be true even now.

On the other hand – and there always is one – join the 2.4 million people who’ve checked out this boredpanda article which showcases some inventive and inspiring business card designs.

[Note: Some of these may be on the edge of offending: most are funny and very original]

Personally, I think the more avenues clients have to reach you, the better.

So maybe the answer is sure, go digital – and still have a card to give someone if they ask [and they will].