How Thinking Like Your Customer – & a Website Re-Design – Helps to Boost Sales

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Web Re-design with new button
What’s That Noise? is now a button on a page that shows customers which daytime wildlife that can invade their homes
Our client was looking for a website re-design – and to boost sales, of course.
So we thought about their customer. If they woke up at night with the sound of scampering across their ceiling, chances are their first question (even in a bleary-eyed state) would be What’s that Noise?
When we re-designed Bad Company Wildlife Eviction’s website, that’s exactly the button we added – and it takes you to info about the kind of critters you might be hosting in your home.
User Design isn’t new, but we sometimes forget to think like the people we’re looking to attract.
It’s about being human and being helpful. And it looks like taking that moment is paying off.
Since the re-design, Bad Company’s had it busiest season ever. Aside from the fact customers love the fact that Bad Company are humane (& that they’re great guys) we hope the new site can take credit too!
*Thanks Karina [Line by Line Studios] for collaborating!