Want to communicate clearly?  You can.


Good writing speaks volumes. Click here if you need your blog, website content, speech, presentation, business report or ad material professionally written.


It’s not just about where to put an apostrophe! Polished, readable and factually correct content earns universal respect. Whatever your project, Julia can take care of the details so your story is clearly and engagingly told.


Short on data or facts to pitch a proposal?  Need a briefing note or background info for a client? Free up your time and let Julia use her sharp research skills to get you what you need, quickly and efficiently.

Tapped out? Tap into the skills of a professional communicator!

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Julia’s been helping people communicate with clarity for more than 30 years.

She offers a full range of professional and creative services to help you reach your audience.  As you’ll see, her clients include businesses, academics, authors, government departments, marketing companies and non-profits.

Her work has appeared in reports, RFPs, grant proposals, academic journals, books, national newspapers and magazines – as well as in podcasts, on YouTube and websites.

Julia goes the extra mile to deliver a high level of professionalism. This means your project will be thoroughly researched, visually original and – of course – clearly presented.

Here’s what some of Julia’s clients have to say:

quote Thanks to your creative skills and coaching, I have a website that showcases who I am as a writer.
– Rita Bailey, Youth Author, “Rebel Moon”, ritabaileywriter.ca
quote We hired Julia to help us with our busy practice. She creates visually appealing, readable reports that generate great feedback from our clients. She’s a quick study and has a talent for simplifying complicated material. – Rick Russell, Co-Founder, Agree Dispute Resolution
quote Julia is a gifted interviewer with years of experience in broadcast media. Her briefing notes helped us focus and she coached us so that our messages were succinct and engaging. – Ginny Jones, President, Acuity Options
quote Julia is a versatile copywriter and a thorough researcher – just what I need for my busy marketing company. It’s a pleasure working with her.
– Glenn Marshall, President, Greening Marketing
quote My experience with Julia has been fantastic. Her detailed and clear comments have greatly improved my academic work. She has always returned my documents before the deadline. – PhD Student, McMaster University